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tv   News  ABC  August 14, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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towards the north and east. damascus germantown and rockville. montgomery county getting in the heaviest stuff and this is moving towards towson baltimore and glen burnie heading for the remainder of the morning. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. construction in full fling on 895. expect heaviest delays of the long-term project this week. traveling through the harbor tunnel you will want to avoid it if at all possible. use the fort mchenry tunnel. everything will be up to speed. so far this morning if you are headed out to the west side of the beltway this is at baltimore national pike. that outer loop going to be jammed packed. you are looking at a 14-minute ride from 795 down towards 95. the inner loop will be nice and clear pull up other driving times looking at an 11-minute ride on outer loop from 95 up to 83. and northeast corridor of 95 going to be in great shape four minute to travel from route 43 to 695679 that's your abc -- to
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695. that's your abc2 timesaver traffic. many consider it a rough neighborhood coming out of east bolt mort oliver community. >> things may be turning around and getting brighter. and linda so is here with more on what's going on. >> reporter: good morning. they are turning things around here. we are at the corner of bond and hoffman streets. being see the green leaf lit up on top of the building. it's the sign things around here are getting a lot better and to tell us all about it this morning earl johnson. tell us what's going on on this block? you've lot of homes and turning things around this place is being revitalized. >> reporter: we are bidding great homes and we are inviting great people to come by -- buy the homes and we are throwing a little community service in there and a little veterans action veterans coming in with community service and bridging gaps in the community. >> reporter: tell us about your foundation. >> well, the come home baltimore fund was started by david and i am the ed of the
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come home baltimore foundation. we are on the ground, you know, troopers on the ground trying to make things happen every day in east baltimore. >> reporter: and people who see that green leaf lit up that's actually where the sales office is. so anyone interested can come in and get more information? >> exactly. it's where the office is and veterans groups will be work out of in the basement where we are going to be changing the neighborhood. >> reporter: quickly give us a picture of what things look like here before? >> well long before i moved here it was most likely fr what i understand an open drug market. even when i came here, about two years ago, it was semirough but now, we have an evening event and the mayor was out. there's no sign of crime. it's clean and everyone is happy it's wonderful place to be. >> reporter: we appreciate what you are doing. still a lot of availability you see the green leaf which is where to go on the corner ofbond and east hoffman street. and speak of vacant lots we
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have -- speak of vacant -- speaking of vacant lot, fixing up the properties can cut down on crime. researchers found transforming vacant lots into green spaces makes it more difficult to hide illegal guns and make harder to sell drugs. scientists say the ripple effect is that people also feel safer next to the clean green now. a 25 million dollar lawsuit will be settled in just a few hours. this is against a security firm that a group in cherry hill says illegally policed them. the suit targeted private security firm tenable protective servicesp they say they made illegal stops and false arrests while work city police department southern district. we are looking for deals especially when it comes to gas. coming tomorrow you will have a chance to save. baltimore community bankers are giving away $4,000 in gas as part of the take back your
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banking campaign. the first 200 people of the green spring shell gas station on smith avenue are going to get $20 in free gas. this runs from 9 to 11 tomorrow morning. the goal is to take back the banking is to raise awareness about mistreatment from mega banks and show you the possibility of alternatives. gunman killed in a shootout near the texas a&m campus that left two other people dead they say they are distraught by the havoc he has caused. police say thomas caffall owed fire on constable brian bachmann as the lawman brought the eviction notice. both men died at the hospital. the third person was kid in the shooting that was an off campus home not far from the university's football stadium. officers got in was described as an extended shootout with caffall who was eventually shot. a bottle of acid was tossed on a muslim school in illinois sunday night during ramadan prayers. people inside heard a loud
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crash and rush outside and found a glass bottle filled with acid and other materials. an islamic group wants police to increase security as well as fasting period of ramadan that ends on sunday. and one day after the attack, a young in illinois set bail for man accused of shooting an air rifle at mosque in chicago. police say david conrad fired at muslim education center during services friday. if he pays the bond and is released he will wear a electronic monitoring device and undergoing anger management. there's no end in sight to the two wild fires in northern california. it is happened this morning. right now the wild fire burned more than 3,000 acres since it started burning on sunday. it is now threatened homes in the spring valley area north of san francisco. one firefighter was hurt. hundreds of people have been told they have to leave the area. temperatures may have cooled off a bit but you have to be careful when traveling with young kids. >> stay with us this morning.
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what the numbers show and why you need to keep the kid away from hot cars. >> and if you plan to buy a new phone you may want to wait a couple weeks when you can maybe get your hands on dare i say the iphone 5? clear. >> all right. we are 80 degrees at the inner harbor and rain cooled 60s in hagerstown and frederick. i will tell you when the cooler air pushes in everywhere coming up. lauren. >> reporter: 695 at green spring avenue i will let you know how traffic is shape up on 95 and 38 coming up on good morning -- 83 coming up on good morning maryland.
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you're watching the station that works for you. >> news time 6:39. seems simple keep your kids out of hot cars but a new report says more and more parents are doing it. according to a report for the
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national highway institute the first week of august 8 children died in hot cars. this year 23 children have died of hypothermia. there are 33 cases in 2011 and 49 in 2010. 8 deaths from august first to the 7th are believed to be the highest one week total ever. doctors say the bodies of the infants and children heat up three to five times faster than us adults. iphone fans are excited this morning because internet rumors are swirling right now about the new iphone 5. according to a website, which is called i more presails it will begin on september 12th the day apple is expected to announce a new devicech the first iphone 5s will land in customers hands around september 21st so i more says the information has come from twotwo sources that have been accurate in the past.
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they say they were made promises but the employer backed out on the deal. >> abc2 news sherrie johnson is at a spot war protest is scheduled to happen this morning. >> reporter: -- where a protest is scheduled to happen this morning. >> reporter: rg steelworkers will hit the streets for protells. why they are so angry. >> they face the biggest sex scandal and latest penn state is having to deal with. >> highway safety official released the latest crash test results. how safe is the car you and your family are driving? >> and two women from maryland behind bars in georgia this morning. what the two have been accused of doing. >> and we have showers and storms for today and tomorrow. thursday we will dry out. stick around to see what the next four days brings coming up lauren. >> reporter: slowing down at 95 north of the southwest portion of the beltway. how traffic is shaping up on 83 coming up on good morning maryland. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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start with lynette charles who let's talk about what's going on as of now because the wet weather is continuing to push in this morning. it's unrelenting. we can see around columbia as it enters howard county. lighter rain across the area but along i-95 pushing into laurel as of now. more of the same over in jessup and going further to the south and west and we can see it push ming green belt and this is heading into pg county sliding into bowie. heading towards kentland and largo and mitchellville will be in on the action heading through the remainder of the morning. let's check the abc2 type saver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are dealing with a crash in baltimore city on south grande street at golf street. watch out for that. and traffic is picking up out on the jfx. from the beltway down towards 28th street and you are looking live at the west side of the beltway at liberty road. the outer loop going to get even more sluggish as you make the drive towards route 40. overall the inner loop is clear up towards green spring.
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that's your abc2 timesaver traffic. now over to you in they gave their time money and even commitment to a company that left they will with nothing. >> sherrie johnson is live outside the rg steel mill war protest is scheduled for today and those people -- where a protest is scheduled for today and those people are going after company executives. >> reporter: they they'll fool they didn't take bonus and think top executives shouldn't either. you can see the company off in the distance in a few minutes, the former employees of rg steel will be right out here to show solidarity to the former jobs. the employees gave up their 6,000 dollars signing bonus to get raw materials to keep the plant running. but there were problems with the furnace wes was i did vote -- which was diverted to fix the furnacech contract said the employees -- furnace. the contract said the medical benefits would be covered for two years and subpay until the end of unemployment benefits.
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they say they are not getting this. the prospects for steel making here at spareso point dote look so good. mill was auctioned off for for $72 million. right now plan a is to find a new buyer and the judge handling rg steel's bankruptcy must approve the sale to new owners. meanwhile, former employees don't believe ten executives should receive their huge bonus because they didn't make a deal to keep the plant up and running. so once again, the former employees will be out here in just a few minutes from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. to make their voices heard reporting live in sparrows point sherrie johnson abc2 news. another warning shot is fired at penn state university. the middle states commission on higher education put the university on warning and this is based on both the free report -- freeh report and penalties hand out by the school by the ncaa. the commission says it's rare to give division i school a warning. that doesn't jeopardize a
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school accreditation which it needs to maintain to receive federal funds. and be an ncaa member. the school need to submit a report to the commission by the end of next month. and then the team will basically travel there to term if they can moving into compliance with the regulation. if there's one person you don't want to scam it's a police officer. but two women from maryland they are now accused of trying to defraud kozs of atlanta -- dozens of lappetta pd. they pretended to be from employee benefits an office in atlanta and would get officeers to fill out application with personal information and police caught on and the two women were arrested. they have condition identified as santia. a warning for baltimore police about a scam targeting the elderly. scamers posing as tax collectors and telling victims they owe money. they show up at the person's home to get the cash and also
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personal information. now there have been three victims on record. >> if you owe a bill, you are going to receive something in the mail onsety ledder -- letterhead -- on city ledder -- letterhead. you won't be put out your home without a court hearing. >> the victims have been assaulted and this is not how the city of baltimore operates. don't give personal information to anyone you don't know. just because a car is more expensive doesn't mean it's safer. insurance institute for highway safety tested 7 looksry cars to see what happens when the front end strikes a fixed object at 40 miles per hour. the 11 cars three received a good rating, so is yours on list the acura tl, volvo s60 and infinity g. the new test indicates that side air bags may not go off in time or extend far enough in off
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centered frontal crashes. patrons paused to rememberthose killed during the indianan state fair. one year ago, 7 people died and dozens more injured when a stage collapsed. you've seen the video. the ride stop and music went on mute as people bowedl heads to pay respects. >> it's unbelievable. my heart it's heartfelt thing you can't explain. aid loss. a horrible loss and i feel that i want to pray for everyone that is involved. >> the state stage collapse prompt sweeping overhalls to the emergency plan and regulation for temporary stages for the performances. >> it is going to be a busy day on the campaign trail todaych presidential and vice presidential candidates are fanning out hoping to gain more potential votes. mitt romney running mate paul ryan got a taste of controversy what woman interrupted his speech in iowa.
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his budget plans and proposal for medicare has been sharply criticized by the president and democrats. but romney is standing by his choice. according to a poll, by abc news and washington post 38% of respondents what favorable view of ryan as romney's choice. 33% had an unfavorable view. new jersey governor chris christie is set to deliver the keynote address at this republican national convention. the convention will take placbeginning august 27th in tampa florida and that's where mitt romney will officially receive the gop presidential nomination. >> back here locally the family of christopher brown plans to ask for stiffer charges against the off duty police officer charged in the death. brown's mother will meet with state attorney shellenberger later today many but last night the family held a rally still angry over what they consider a slap on the wrist for officer james laboard. witnesses say back in june, laboard chased down brown and
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pind him to the ground. 17-year-old died of asphyxiation. after an internal investigation laboard was charged with one count of manslaughter and one count of involume-tarry manslaughter and release on bail and the family says this is not enough. >> if they collected all the evidence as i see it, the grand jury would have come up with a murder charge. >> chris brown's mom believes the state's attorney didn't present all the evidence to the grand jury. in today's meet she will -- bring up in today's meeting. 6:52. this week is your chance to voice your thoughts and opinions about how bg. handled the response following the june storms. thousands went without power for a week or longer. and there have been complaints that the power company took too long to restore electricity and weren't up front about how the restoration efforts would take. there are three hearings this week in baltimore towson and ellicott city.
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we will post the schedule on for you. five things to know on this tuesday. today the full statehouse of delegates will debate the gambling extension bill. this comes after a committee approved a bill allowing table games and a pg county casino. house changed the senate bill so it may have to go back to them for approval once again. preliminary hearing is set for the men accused of gunning down five people. this happened in tulsa oklahoma in april. they are accused of cig three -- killing three people and wounding two others. prosecutessors believe the crime was racially -- prosecutors believe the crime was racially motivated. the stats on drinking and driving stats coming out today. 10,000 police departments from across the u.s. are taking part crackdown on drunk drivers. a new plane is being tempttested that could get -- tested that could get you from new york to l.a. in 45 minutes.
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the plane is flying unmanned and engineers are hoping that it will travel 6 times the speed of sound for five minutes during the test run. >> s that a rocket? >> that's -- isn't that a rocket? >> it's pretty fast. aretha franklin is inducted into the goes bell paul of -- gospel hall of fame. she is one of 6 during a ceremony in tennessee. doctors say billy graham continues to improve steadily. this is happening at a north carolina hospital where he is currently being treated for bronchitis. the 9 p-year-old was admit -- 93-year-old was admitted on saturday for treatment. officials say he is in stable condition and has been taking meals and watching television. we are going need the rain gear for today because the satellite and radar picking up on lots of clouds and the rain is falling. we can see the heaviest stuff in pennsylvania. thunderstorms and lightning strikes across the area. we are dealing with some moderate to light rainfall pushing through pg county
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montgomery county as of now. one round and then we will see another round possible as whoa go -- we go into the afternoon. let's go outside in bethesda where we are starting out with rainfall. a little patchy fog and you can see that on your lens this morning. more of the same in ijamsville. lots of patchy fog when it was said and done there. and the last stop is in laurel. they were dry this morning and now you can see the wet weather around the track. the wet roads that's what's going to continue going through the morning. temperature wise coming in at 73 in baltimore but this is the future trend as we go through time here. we are waiting for the drier air to funnel in after the cold front makes its way through. and as we head through tomorrow. by thursday, things are going to be much more improved with plenty of sunshine working its way back into the forecast. speaking of the forecast. showers are out there this afternoon around 2. but we are looking at that hour by hour forecast. 86 degrees with a chance of storms by this afternoon. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning.
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construction is in full swing on 895. expect a heavy ride traveling through the tunnel. use 95 instead but we have problems there. a disabled car is blocking one northbound lane at keith avenue. if you are using 695 we are dealing with a disabled car on the outer loop at north point and here's what it look like on the west side. no relief. here at baltimore national pike. it will be a very, very slow ride in that area. thanks for joining us on this tuesday morning. we do want to remind you we are on facebook so like us and join the conversation and if you like lauren you get free gas. >> yes. >> $600. >> you have to like me. >> because you are cool. >> because i am cool. >> all right. time to go to new york for "good morning america" have a great tuesday and take the umbrella. is the place to go. in updates in 30 minutes. we will see -- >> updates in 30 minutes. we will see you then. wççñçñ
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